In 1961 a 18-year-old boy, Giovanni Di Sebastiano, born in Casoli, a village perched on a hill in the Abruzzo inland, following a tragic accident, loses his father while he was working in Belgium in a 300 mt deep mine.
Following this mishap Giovanni, who lived with his mother Giuditta and sister Natalina, tries to get by cultivating small plots of land scattered over a large area and not very productive. Coincidentally, he met with a guy from Maiolati Spontini (Ancona), which is engaged in the transport of agricultural products between the Abruzzo and Marche.
They become friends, and during one of these trips Giovanni comes to visit Marche and especially the Vallesina. He is immediately fascinated by this fertile valley, with so productive and colorful fields, from wheat to vineyards, olive groves, vegetables and fruit.
He gets very attached to this area, so that trips become more frequent and, in the meanwhile, he ponders the decision with his family to move to this area that was certainly more productive and that it would give them a chance to survive the misery of that time.

So in 1962 Giovanni and his family sell their small plots of land and their home in Abruzzo and moved to Castelbellino in Contrada Molino, 44, where they bought a small farm consisting of a farmhouse, some farm tools and 3 hectares of agricultural ground.
His sister Natalina got married and moved temporarily to Rome. Meanwhile, Giovanni meets a girl named Rita, also a farmer, and in 1968 they married. Following their marriage, Antonella was born in 1969, Donatella in 1970 and Andrea in 1972.
Until year 1973, the family Di Sebastiano practiced a type of traditional agriculture, including crops with traditional farming and some livestock with poor profits caused also by the crisis in the agricultural sector in that period.
In 1973 Giovanni, along with Rita, decided to experiment and try to cultivate a new crop, strawberries.
The experiment succeeds very well, so that within a few years they become the largest producers of strawberries whole Vallesina.
They were also very tough and challenging years for the amount of work, in fact Giovanni and Rita often got up at 3:00 in the morning to go to the market, returning at 8.00 and went to work in the fields until sunset, and in the meantime also looking after their 3 children.
Their three children, since when they were young, were playing and helping with farm work and perhaps this has sent their passion and interest in the environment, nature and this beautiful area.
Meanwhile, in addition to the strawberries, vegetables, fruit, blackberries were produced. The grapes start also to turn into a great Verdicchio wine that is soon to be first appreciated by friends and relatives.
In the meantime, they invests heavily in equipment, greenhouses and more modern tools to alleviate physical work, in fact Giovanni and Rita often participate in trade fairs, meetings, study days and are always among the promoters of new experiments and they acquire new and modern equipment.
It is then planted a new vineyard and began selling the wine in several locations in central Italy.
However, for Giovanni the desire is to have some olive trees to produce his own oil.
For this reason, in 1978 he bought a plot of land of 2.00 in Monte Roberto on a hill, ideal territory for the olive trees and the vineyard.
In fact in this piece of land there are about 5000 square meters of vineyards and dozens of olive trees.
In 1980 removed some of these trees, although very beautiful in terms of landscape but uncomfortable for any job of pruning and collection.
At the same time are planted 400 olive trees with a new modern system of husbandry and management, to optimize the operations manual and optimize production.
In 1990 is purchased a greenhouse of 800 square meters with an innovative heating, where he began producing strawberries for the Christmas period. Some years later he began a collaboration and experimentation with the university, for the production of hydroponic crops.
Unfortunately in 1999 due to a tragic event, Giovanni leaves his wife and his children.

But the passion for the country, the willpower and experience are indelible principles and values, so they got inherited by the rest of the family.
Andrea is in fact taking over the reins of the company, actively supported by the rest of the family, especially by Rita, the company is called Fattoria Di Sebastiano.
The company is reorganized, and horticultural and fruit crops are replaced by extensive irrigation, easily mechanized that optimize time and labor costs, though this the vineyards and olive grove are kept and he continue to produce and market an excellent wine and oil.
Thanks to the optimization of working time, additional land for an area of 15.00 Ha are acquired, they begin to produce flowers in the greenhouse, a new grove for about 200 varieties of plants typical of the place is planted, an old farmhouse is acquired and the work to establish a farm starts.
The work is carried out in 2004 after three years of intense, hard work and significant investment, and on July 31, 2004 was dubbed "La Vecchia Fonte" and the farm Fattoria Di Sebastiano also begins agritourism activities. Through the farm has succeeded, over the years, to enhance the entire area for sightseeing, history, culture and cuisine rich of flavors and traditions.

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