The farm

The property is a charming stone cottage dating back to 1908 completely renovated retaining the charm and architecture of the past.
At the entrance, you are greeted by a beautiful avenue in gravel with stone walls surrounded by the scent of lavender roses and various colors of olive, mulberry trees, roses and greenery.

In the farm you will have the feelings of another age, where you can forget the stress and hectic pace of life to find another dimension where we emphasize more good food, the flavors of the past and the pleasure of chatting while sitting on the porch or by the pool with a glass of wine, having the sight of the moon or the sky.

The whole farm is covered with Wi-Fi connection.
The structure also has a lounge called "Calicanto", which is used for parties, conferences, meetings, or specific courses. Guests can use it for games, parties, and other activities. Guests can also enjoy free use of the swimming pool and mountain bikes.

In the farm, the guests are given the opportunity to participate in the work in the country to see for themselves the whole production process and touch the source of production.
From these wonderful experiences with the guests, the idea "Adopt an olive tree" has the aim of giving the opportunity to share the passion for nature, seeing your plants grow, change, produce, even if you do not have enough available space. It is also possible to harvest your olives, and maybe get your own oil that you can enjoy with friends or your family, know with certainty where it comes from and how it was done, but above all, that you did in a completely natural way.

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