Farm business

The company currently specializes in the cultivation of olives and olive oil, and olives to eat.

We produce various types of oil:

  • 3 single variety extra virgin olive oils obtained from varieties "Raggia", "Leccino" and "Piantone di Mogliano";
  • 1 extra virgin olive oil Blend;
  • extra virgin olive oils flavored with hot pepper or lemon.

We also produce pickled green olives and black olives in oil, a real specialty.

In the company there is also a garden and an orchard of varied species of fruit trees in order to ensure the production of fruit and vegetables for all seasons, even available for guests.

"The oil of the source" is the result of the careful work of a full year of production, leaving nothing to chance, but all the cultivation and processing techniques are designed to obtain an oil of high quality, and numerous awards during the various competitions in which the oil has participated amply demonstrate it.
The field crops that are grown are horticultural industry such as peas, beans and green beans.
In addition, we produce wheat, barley and sunflowers.

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