Adopt an olive tree

The olive tree for centuries, especially in the area of Castelbellino and Vallesina, represents the historical and cultural heritage of civilization and more; from the sweat and toil of the farmers in the olive, oil is a product of exceptional quality that is the basis of the Mediterranean diet.

The idea of "Adopt an olive tree" comes from the idea of being able to share the passion for nature and give a chance to see your plants grow, change, produce, it is also possible to harvest your olives, and maybe get your oil you can enjoy and know with certainty where does it come from and how it was done, but above all that you did it yourself in a completely natural way.
Those wishing to adopt an olive tree can choose the plant that wish to adopt through the photos or directly in the field.

Will be placed in the plant a card with the name of the family that adopted it, the family will be provided a sort of identity card of the plant and other information material on the olive and olive oil.
As consideration for adoption will be given to the family the amount of oil produced (3 liters).

Every two months will be sent an email to the adoptive family about the status of the plant, cultural activities done and some photos.

The family is given the opportunity to visit the plant usually on Saturday or making arrangements with the owner in another day of the week with a few day's notice.
In addition, the adoptive family can gather their own olives and make oil from them.

The company, being equipped also with a farm, arranges special packages on weekends to participate in the harvest or just to see the transformation of olive oil.

The cost of adoption is € 50.00 and includes: the adoption of an olive tree, supply "identity card" of the olive and information material, possibility to visit the tree, affixing the card to the tree of the adoptive family, providing up to 3 liters of oil, ability to concentrate and get your own olive oil, sending e-mail every two months about the cultivation, the status of the plant and the latest photos.

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